‘Reminiscence’, means a dream or experience of recalling previous stories from past period. This idea becomes the core inspiration of SEBASTIANred Spring/Summer 2018 collection to infuse elements of vintage and romanticism into the series, in which it is reflected from the color story, silhouettes, fabrication, and details.

To evoke the spirit of recalling memory, SEBASTIANred mainly uses pastel and subtle color. The palette selection derives from the idea of photographic technology timeline, in which it started from gray scale colors; black, white, and grey, to the tone of sepia; shades of brown and neutral, then go into more colorful hues.

The fusion between past and present is portrayed by the choice of textile, which using classic fabrics, such as  laces,  damask,  gabardine,  jacquard,  and also more contemporary materials; sequined fabric, embossed textile, and fancy texture. The concept can also be seen by the application of classic A-line silhouette, slim cut, drapery detail, and ribboned collar that  accentuate the sophistication of vintage femininity, mixed with more elaborate shapes of sleeve, skirt, and neckline that represent current style. Detail and embellishment, such as brooches, beadings, flower corsages, and embroidered laces that juxtapose through mix media technique, also exemplify the mixture of old-modern view of this Spring/Summer 2018 collection.